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The making of sweet nasty's hot sauce

Fresh peppers and mango

Here is where you can order all the amazing products The Laughing Pepper Co. has to offer! All 5 oz. bottles of hot sauce are $5.50 plus shipping. 9 oz jars of salsa are $5.50 and 6 Oz. Jars of  relish are 4.50 plus shipping.

Here at KickAssFood we have been known to obsess over anything spicy! And we all love a good hot sauce! So throughout the course of our search for the amazingly delicious and spicy foods in the world, we ended up creating out own sauces and salsa’s!! So this page is introducing our sauces and salsa’s which we guarantee you will love or you get your money back! Now you have no excuse but to try them!

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Sweet Nasty  (pictured): an amazingly KickAss hot sauce that combines the sweet flavors of pineapple, mango and honey with the fiery nastiness of Jamaican hot chocolate peppers. A mouth watering blend that is awesome on chips, chicken, BBQ and well, anything in general that you want to add a little KickAss flavor too!! 7 out of 10 on the KickAss Spicy meter! Comes in a 5 oz. bottle.



Killa Tomatillo: This is our version of tomatillo salsa! We start out by roasting tomatillo’s, garlic, and peppers and the then add them in with onions, salt, and few secret things to make an amazingly delicious, smokey, yet spicy tomatillo salsa that will make you slap yo mama its so good!! 6 out of 10 on the KickAss spicy meter. Comes in a 9 oz. jar.



KB’s Hot Peppa Relish : This awesome relish is the perfect accompaniment to burgers, hot dogs, potato salads, and anything really that you want to add some awesome flavor too, with a little bit of heat that is! Created by a friend of the kickassfood family, we are proudly selling it under our Laughing Pepper brand because we like it that much! And we think you might too! It’s made with bell peppers, habanero’s, sugar, vinegar and a few extra ingredients for a flavor that’s awesome with a little touch of heat on the back end. But don’t worry, it’s not too over powering! Comes in 6 oz. jars.


Check our some reviews for The Laughing Pepper’s Sweet Nasty!!

Gary from KY writes :

“This is a great sauce. Not only is it great as a stand alone but it mixes well with other condiments for a multitude of possibilities. The sauce has a broad array of flavors. For me starting off slightly tart followed by a salty sweet chased by a solid statement of heat that doesn’t destroy the flavor. A nice but essential balance in my opinion.

Sweet, tart, salty and spicy, a great combination.”


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