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Orange Chicken!

Here is another chinese recipe that is going to be a staple for my lunchtime rotation.

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Quick And Easy Sesame Chicken!

Looking ahead towards what I’m going to eat for lunch each week is always a fun task, but as someone who doesn’t like to eat the same thing more than a couple times for lunch each week it can be kinda hard to pick out something I WILL eat several days in a row.

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Southwestern chicken chili!

Alas, another chili recipe! We told you it was one of our favorite things didn’t we?? Ha . Since it’s been really really cold as of late we thought we’d make something spicy to keep our mouths and insides warm!

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Crock Pot Chicken Tikka Masala!

So how was everyone’s holiday?? Things turned out quite well here at the kickass camp. Got to spend some time with the family, worked on my car, and even found the time to relax a little!

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Chicken Saltimbocca!

HOLA! Buenos dias! and happy Sunday! Around here, Sunday is usually the day to catch up, relax, and not worry about the coming week ahead. It’s also the day when we plan to cook something good for ourselves or friends. Now I’m not talking about a huge feast that takes all day, i mean c’mon, that would defeat the purpose of Sunday! What I’m talking about is a laid back, easy to prep dish that tastes amazing! And here is it, KickAss Chicken Saltimbocca! Chicken wrapped in prosciutto with a wine lemon sauce on top? What’s not to like about […]

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