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KickAss Baked Apple, Cheddar, Bacon Grilled Cheese!

Guys…..make this for your girlfriend, mom, sister…whoever. I don’t care if she’s on a diet, hates cheese, or is a fan of Shahs on sunset……make this for her!

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Holiday Food : Baked Brie!

Who doesn’t love cheese? It’s like chocolate….anyone who doesn’t like it is just weird! There are so many different kinds, tastes, flavors, textures that there is surely one out there that everyone likes.

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Holiday Food: Spinach Maria!

Well, it’s that time of year again. The christmas music is playing in every store you enter, the black friday adds are rolling out everywhere, and it’s starting to feel like winter! Oh, and did I mention it’s about time for all the AWESOME holiday meals? The ones where you need to do eating work out routines just to eat it all

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KickAss Spicy, Cheesy Fried Risotto Balls!

Well hello there. Good afternoon! Have you ever been so hungry your mind starts to hallucinate about wild food creations you’d like to stuff in your mouth?? No? …ha…guess thats only me…

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