Salsa’s in Asheville, NC

There are a lot of things I like about Asheville. Whether it’s the beautiful mountain surroundings, the laid back people, or the fun, youthful music scene its just a great place to hang out. Another thing that I LOVE about it is that it’s food scene is not dominated by the same old chain and “family” dining offerings of most places you visi

t. While it does have some of these craptastic excuses for food, it seems to be a place that embraces the independent restaurant! And that’s KickAss!!

Case in point, Salsa’s!!! I had never heard of this place before but a friend of mine ( knowing my spicy addiction :)) pointed me in their direction and I was BLOWN AWAY!! How they crank out such good food out of the space they have is beyond me! The dining room is small, cramped, and always packed, but it feels good this way. Kind of like your all enjoying a communal dinner of fiery awesomeness together, which is what I like! The service is good, and they make some amazing drinks in case you have to wait outside (which is likely) in the 30 degree weather like we did. HA. But trust me, the spicy pork empanada’s and habanero mashed potatoes (pictured) made up for that realllly quick!

So if your ever in Asheville and need to get your spicy fix or just want great food, head over to Salsa’s and see if you can take the heat!

Salsa’s Website

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