Spicy Cheez-its!

I had these at a friends house recently, and holy crap!

Kick Ass Flank Steak and Chorizo Chili!

Woah….feels like forever since we’ve made a post on here but we’re back! And its starting to get cold again so that means it’s time for one of our favorite winter meals, CHILI!

Summer Salads: KickAss Citrus Chicken and Feta Salad

It’s summer at last! Bring on the cookouts and BBQ’s and beer!

KickAss Baked Apple, Cheddar, Bacon Grilled Cheese!

Guys…..make this for your girlfriend, mom, sister…whoever. I don’t care if she’s on a diet, hates cheese, or is a fan of Shahs on sunset……make this for her!

Orange Chicken!

Here is another chinese recipe that is going to be a staple for my lunchtime rotation.


Basic Hot Sauce!

Ok, So by now you’ve realized we love all things hot! Your actually probably thinking we’re a little obsessed….and you would be correct! ha. But it’s all for good reason. Hot sauce, if it’s a good one, can add both flavor and heat to whatever your eating. Most store bought ones taste like someone dropped a salt brick into a pot of vinegar, and the fancy independent ones are just designed to get you to buy them or create permanent burn marks on your underwear! So in keeping it simple, and with flavor in mind, here is a basic method […]

Chicken Saltimbocca!

HOLA! Buenos dias! and happy Sunday! Around here, Sunday is usually the day to catch up, relax, and not worry about the coming week ahead. It’s also the day when we plan to cook something good for ourselves or friends. Now I’m not talking about a huge feast that takes all day, i mean c’mon, that would defeat the purpose of Sunday! What I’m talking about is a laid back, easy to prep dish that tastes amazing! And here is it, KickAss Chicken Saltimbocca! Chicken wrapped in prosciutto with a wine lemon sauce on top? What’s not to like about […]

Creamy Avocado Pasta!

Happy New Year!! So let’s recap….we survived the mayan/zombie apocalypse, another horrible Adam Sandler movie, and 1 more year with Justin Bieber on the planet. I know, I know….Bieber is still alive despite my…oops..I mean OUR trying, ha, but now that that’s all behind us let’s look forward to this awesome new year that is upon us! One of the things I’m going to do this year is try foods that I come across that sound weirder than a 3 legged spider monkey waving a lit sparkler. Weird right? So in that fashion I came across this recipe that looked […]

Chile-Beef Lettuce Wraps!

Merry Christmas!! Happy day after the apocalypse (or is it??)! Happy…whatever! HA. Hopefully you’ve done all of your holiday shopping already and aren’t one of those people like me who has to do a mad dash into the sea of zombies ( literally….I heard an old lady moan “brains”). The holiday’s are wonderful but always a stressful time with cooking, family, bills, etc,etc,etc,etc,etc well..you get the gist. So take a little stress away with the help of this quick, easy recipe for an appetizer your family won’t forget! And they make it and feed themselves too so all you have […]

What Kind of Cookery is This???

We all know Gordon Ramsay as the foul mouthed TV personality, and chef. This persona may be somewhat true to an extent, but he is also a really passionate chef ( and nice guy) who knows what he is talking about! This post is about his Ultimate Cookery Course! This is a series of webisodes ( and I think it’s a book too) that Gordon has created giving tips, techniques and simple, easy recipes that will have your guests thinking you spent hours in the kitchen! So if your wanting to learn some recipes, or just improve your cooking skils/knowledge […]

KickAss MUSIC!

WELCOME! I know what your thinking…..how can I eat music?? 🙂 Well, I hate to disappoint you, but you can’t. You can however let new music digest in your cerebellum and feed your soul! Much like food, music is one of our favorite things, and we figured you might like it too

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia!

So I’ve been trying to clean out all the stuff in my fridge lately. This in and of itself can be a scary task sometimes, especially if you live with roommates that never clean anything, and constantly shove things to the back of the fridge! Just like that lime that somehow turned into what looks like a melted furry skittle, or a gremlin that had been dipped in water…..mmm……Luckily, I don’t have any mogwai in my fridge or freezer that I know of, but what I did have an abundance of was tilapia! Tilapia is a great fish that is […]

In case you can’t sleep…

Dave Chappelle has the remedy to all your sleepless problems! Just click……………………… HERE!

Crispix Party Mix!

The holdidays are upon us! And there is no holiday gathering in our family that doesn’t have a huge bowl of this awesomely tasty snack! It’s one of those staples like my grandmothers mac n cheese or apple stack cake, it’s just not complete without them! Although if your like us you may want to make an army sized batch because it doesn’t last very long at all!  Now some people prefer to use chex cereal, and there are a million different variations on how to make this stuff but whatever. This is the type of thing that given the […]

Blackened Tuna Steaks!

One of my favorite things to do with chicken and seafood is to give it a little spice with the help of “blackening”. Basically, all blackening means is throwing a bunch of herbs together and coating your meat vessel of choice with it.

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