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There are certain times when a band releases an almost perfect album and then disappears. It drives me insane! Ok, so your going to leave us with this one amazing album, leave us wanting more, and never make music again?? AHH! But sadly, it happens. Bands break up, replace members, etc……still, it’s a tough pill to swallow as a fan. 

One of those in particular are a band called REVIS. Releasing only one album in 2003 entitled “places for breathing” ( and a few songs in 2010 when they tried to get back together but broke up again!!) they captured magic! Their sound fits in with the post grunge of smile empty soul ( whom I also love), shinedown, three days grace, etc but it’s unique as well. It’s the lone wolf that stands out to me from that time period. Mixing acoustic and heavy guitars, great harmonies, and an overall oddness you don’t find only normal “studio” releases it just give an overall feeling of satisfaction. Like watching a movie that has a similar plot as others but with a waaay better script and acting.

These guys could have been an amazing band had they not gotten lost in the mix, but thankfully we do have 1 album to replay over and over. So click on a few tracks below and check out REVIS!

Caught in the rain


Living rooms

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