KickAss Music: Karnivool!

Anyone who knows me knows that I listen to a large variety of music. Anything from John Mayer, to old school mid 90’s country,to GOOD rap, to dubstep, to metallica, and everything in between ( as long as it isn’t new country…..ugh….). And anyone who REALLY knows me knows that I like a lot of foreign bands like Biffy Clyro (whom I mentioned in another post), silverchair, Birds of tokyo, and this band…..KARNIVOOL! Anytime I try to describe them to people the only way I┬ácan think of is to call them the Australian version of Tool. But that isn’t really an accurate description. Karnivool only have 2 albums ( they are recording a 3rd right now!) and both of those albums sounds very different from each other. Their first album, Themata, is more of a straight up rock record, but with an odd Ausie twist. I think that’s why I like foreign music so much is that it’s just somewhat different even if it’s in the same genre as other stuff. Their second album, Sound Awake, is more Tool like with odd time signatures, heavy bass lines, epically long track, and just a sense of progressiveness that the first disc didn’t have. Both albums are awesome in their own rights, but Sound Awake is my particular favorite. Either way, these guys are awesome and I’ve heard put on an AMAZING live show. So if they are ever in your area please please please don’t hesitate to go see them because it might be your only chance! They don’t tour the states very often!

So here they are …KARNIVOOL! Some KickAss music from down under! Click below to listen and see them in all of their glory.

Themata live

New Day


Simple Boy



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