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Cast Iron Skillet Pizza!

There’s nothing better than a good home made pizza! Just the smell and taste of a nice crispy crusted pizza that you made yourself! The store bought frozen things just can’t beat that! And since we just bought a new cast iron skillet we’ve been aching for a chance to make something just a little bit different with it.

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What Kind of Cookery is This???

We all know Gordon Ramsay as the foul mouthed TV personality, and chef. This persona may be somewhat true to an extent, but he is also a really passionate chef ( and nice guy) who knows what he is talking about! This post is about his Ultimate Cookery Course! This is a series of webisodes ( and I think it’s a book too) that Gordon has created giving tips, techniques and simple, easy recipes that will have your guests thinking you spent hours in the kitchen! So if your wanting to learn some recipes, or just improve your cooking skils/knowledge […]

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The BBQ pit boys!

I love bbq! There’s nothing better than slow cooking a meal for hours while you and some buddies hang out and drink a few beers. And I think that that spirit is what makes me like the bbq pit boys. They are just a group of guys that love cooking with an open flame and hangin out. You can also start your own chapter if you have a grilling crew of your own and thats KickASS! ┬áTheir website is also loaded with good informational videos, recipes, and just generally cool stuff. So if you get a chance, head on over […]

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Welcome to! This site was created with the intent to entertain as well deliver recipes that you know are going to be good! Because we won’t put anything on here we haven’t tried and declared kickAss! So feel free to browse, submit your own recipes, comment, and generally be entertained!

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