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KickAss Music : Revis

There are certain times when a band releases an almost perfect album and then disappears. It drives me insane! Ok, so your going to leave us with this one amazing album, leave us wanting more, and never make music again?? AHH! But sadly, it happens. Bands break up, replace members, etc……still, it’s a tough pill to swallow as a fan. 

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KickAss Music: Karnivool!

Anyone who knows me knows that I listen to a large variety of music. Anything from John Mayer, to old school mid 90’s country,to GOOD rap, to dubstep, to metallica, and everything in between ( as long as it isn’t new country…..ugh….). And anyone who REALLY knows me knows that I like a lot of foreign bands like Biffy Clyro (whom I mentioned in another post), silverchair, Birds of tokyo, and this band…..KARNIVOOL! Anytime I try to describe them to people the only way I can think of is to call them the Australian version of Tool. But that isn’t really […]

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KickAss MUSIC!

WELCOME! I know what your thinking… can I eat music?? 🙂 Well, I hate to disappoint you, but you can’t. You can however let new music digest in your cerebellum and feed your soul! Much like food, music is one of our favorite things, and we figured you might like it too

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