Let’s all say it together……BEER …….CHEESE!! Two words that bring together some of man’s greatest creations. Now stop drooling and realize that this is in fact a real thing, and not some made up fantasy like creating a Chuck Norris Terminator and putting it in a movie fighting against ….well….it doesn’t matter because nothing would win! C’mon, its a CHUCK…NORRIS….TERMINATOR!!! ha ok, back to the cheese. This KickAss creation is a combination that is full of flavor and really easy to make! I’ve searched all over the internet and trekked back from the fir

es of Mordor to bring you my favorite beer cheese recipe!! Perfect for the fall football tailgating season!

Ingredients :

  • 10 oz. Easy Melt white cheese (mex queso, velveeta queso blanco, etc)
  • ¼ cup whole milk
  • 1/8 cup beer (I used an IPA – the hoppier the better)
  • Salt if desired
  • a pinch of tobasco ( optional)

Method :

Cut the cheese up and place in a pot on LOW! heat. The cheese will burn very easily! Once the cheese is halfway melted, pour in the milk and stir! Keep stirring until a smooth consistency has been reached. Once this has happened, take the pot off of the heat and add the beer. The beer will fizz up, but thats normal. Just keep stirring. Add salt and tobasco if desired and enjoy!

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