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KickAss Knowledge : Peppers!

So we thought we’d start another new segment ( I know, right?) that intends to drop some culinary knowledge on your head. Now we’re not saying we know everything or whatnot, but our intent with this is to help share some basic knowledge about certain areas or foods. And also help you out by hopefully answering a few questions that you may or may not have. So with that said, the first entry into our knowledge dropping kung fu quest is PEPPERS!  If you can’t tell by now, we love all things spicy! As long as it’s not a Guatemalan […]

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Americana #2: Kickass Pepper Relish

Welcome to Americana! This is our ongoing series where we will be sharing recipes that will help make your summer cookouts that much more enjoyable and KickAss! This go around we are focusing on more of a condiment than an actual meal, but we’re hoping that it will help make those burgers and hotdogs your grilling up taste that much better! Our focus of Americana #2 is a pepper relish!

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KickAss Music : Revis

There are certain times when a band releases an almost perfect album and then disappears. It drives me insane! Ok, so your going to leave us with this one amazing album, leave us wanting more, and never make music again?? AHH! But sadly, it happens. Bands break up, replace members, etc……still, it’s a tough pill to swallow as a fan. 

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Americana #1 : Smoked Whole Chicken

ALOHA! It’s been a while since the last post, but amongst the awesomeness of music festivals and memorial day we have been quite busy! But starting today, we here at are embarking on kind of a new series of tasty summer american fare that will keep your grills burning and cookout guests happy!

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