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Sunday Morning Lemon Ricotta Pancakes With Blueberry Compote!

What’s better than waking up to an awesome breakfast on Sunday morning?? Waking up to some awesome fresh cooked breakfast always brings back good memories of waking up at my grandmothers house, and the smell of fresh biscuits.

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KickAss Spicy Black Bean Burgers!

It’s Sunday, and despite the fact that this is supposed to be a day of rest, I’ve been waaaay too productive already! And doing all this work made me get the munchies super bad, so I looked in my cabinet to see what I had……….nothing!

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Homemade Gnocchi!!

OK, so I’ve never EVER tried to make gnocchi at home just because I’ve always heard it was hard to get it right. Well, after my search far and wide all through the vast spaces of this thing we call the interwebs, I found an amazingly simple ( and KickAss!) recipe for gnocchi that is great for just you or can be made to impress guests.

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Awesomely KickAss Salad!

Ok, this one is for the salad people. You know who you are! Not naming any names, but I know there are weirdos out there whose meals only consist of 3 things, and salad happens to be one of them ( yes…I’m talking about you! ;-)).

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Cheddar, Guac, and Bacon Grilled Cheese!

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese?? Grilled cheese is as American as apple pie or Chuck Norris’ beard! It’s just simply good comfort food thats easy to make and tastes awesome.

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