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Buffalo Chicken Chili!

Fall is here! And with it comes a whole new wave of awesome food such as fall brew beers, pumpkin EVERYTHING and chili!!! But what about the foods you loved during the warmer month of the year?? WHAT A BOUT CHICKEN WINGS??????

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Bombtastic Guacamole!

Personally, I have ALWAYS hated guacamole! It just looked like some unholy snot rocket from Shrek himself. I just couldn’t stand the stuff! That is, until I stated working at a particular restaurant and my crusade against this creamy green slime ended! Since then, I have looked for a great recipe that is not only easy, but above all KICKASS!! And here it is! This stuff is great for chips but also goes amazingly well on sandwiches! Quick tip though, use the bottom of a cup to mash the avocado’s up! Ingredients: 1 Roma Tomato, seeded and diced 1 tsp […]

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Perfect (and KickAss!) scrambled egg!

I’ve been eating a lot of breakfast food lately, and one of the things that I love to make are scrambled eggs! Now, if your like me, I USED to start the process whisking my eggs together in a bowl and adding salt, pepper, and whatever else, but after seeing this KickAss video from everyones favorite foul mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay, I’ll never eat them any other way! ENJOY! iPERFECT SCRAMBLED EGG

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